The History of Night Edition


Michael, an overworked high school freshman, struggled to stay awake during the schoolday. His friends, curious to why Michael kept nodding off, asked "Why are you always so tired?"

Michael replied, "ZZZzzzz."

The answer Michael eventually gave was the truth - he kept horrible hours working on homework. He frequently stayed awake until four or six in the morning getting work done just to wake up at seven and start the next day. When no one believed him, Michael decided to send out hourly emails detailing what work he was doing and how he was feeling to these unbelievers, giving birth to Michael's Secret Night-life Journal. For some reason, his friends found the ravings of a young man slowly decending into complete sleep-deprived madness quite entertaining, and the emails continued. These emails were fortunately eventually rebranded Night Edition.


As Night Edition continued, Michael decided to make things more interesting for his readership. He learned basic Flash animation and occasionally would make an animated and voiced entry. This may have just been an attempt to procrastinate in his work, but his art style did simplify over time to ease the animation, a style that is fundamentally still being used today.


After high school, Night Edition seemingly had no place. In college everyone keeps odd hours so it was no longer anything special. Still, Michael missed his old nightly journal and made a few entries in his senior college years.


Working a steady job and dealing with being an adult seemed the surest way to be sapped of youthful creativity. Michael again ressurected Night Edition to combat this. Borrowing from his Flash animation days, Michael vowed to write and draw a new comic every week as a creative exercise, even if no one read it.

He fulfilled half of that vow - basically no one reads this. It may not being being made weekly - or even frequently sometimes, but it's still going, so there's that at least!