Meet the Cast


Host and lead reporter of Night Edition. Owner of Thunder Monkey Studios. Programmer. Musician. Artist. This Night Edition Renaissance Man (or NERM, if you will) is truly a jack-of-all-trades almost as surely as he is a master of none.

Michael is typically upbeat and optimistic, despite his occasional cynicism. His active imagination, can-do spirit, and questionably bad luck keep his adventures entertaining, or at least he likes to think so.


Michael's older brother. He shares many interests with Michael and often serves as a sounding board for Michael's musings, and vice versa.

Direct, crafty, opinionated, and ambitious, EJ seems destined for greatness, if it weren't so much work getting there.


Michael's college roommate, Wednesday lunch friend, and dungeon master. An English major trapped working in the business world, Tom is happy to help Michael maintain Night Edition studios as a creative outlet and escape from the drudgery of his day job.

Tom has a simple outlook on life, though he is typically more in tune with the social workings of the modern world than the rest of the Night Edition crew. This, combined with his general lack of ambition, often makes him the moral compass of the group.

Dr. Andrew a.k.a. "Mythic Man"

Andrew is a close friend to Michael and Tom and is Night Edition's biggest fan. Though a good friend, his tendency to flake from meetings and almost magical ability to disappear has led some to believe he doesn't even exist, despite being talked about frequently.

He is a doctor by day, but where he goes and what he does after vanishing is unclear.