So, you've stumbled upon this site and there isn't much here. You're bound to have some questions. Feel free to ask away!

Where am I?

You're on a website. On the internet. It's a network of computers specifically designed to deliver content to you and only you, because on the internet you're the most important person and nobody else matters.

This looks like a game site or something?

I appreciate the use of the question mark, but that wasn't really a proper question. I'll answer anyway.


Are your games good?

No. This has mostly because we haven't gotten particularly far in making one yet.

You can help make them good, though! Register and let us know what you, the most important person on the internet, think of our current progress and how we can make a better product for you. If you're not feeling lazy, you could even do something directly to help us make them. You know, if you want to. Please?

What are you primarily working on?

Night Edition. The side comic associated with Thunder Monkey Studios has kind of taken over the site as of late. It may be our side-comic with semi-regular updates, but Night Edition: Blackout is our current game project with music being composed for it ... so you get the idea.

We probably should have just rebranded ourselves as Night Edition, but that URL was taken.