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    Goodbye Front Page

    Michael @ Feb 04, 2017 01:58 PM

    In its swan song, Night Edition's front page article announces the discontinuance of Night Edition's front page articles. Read more

    Project Status Update: October 2016

    Venturer @ Oct 06, 2016 05:47 PM

    To those viewing the semi-regular Night Edition updates, you know we aren't completely dead. Still, the Thunder Monkey side of things have been long neglected and is in dire need of an update. So let's review.

    The Delivery Man
    I love this project. It's a great project. It's got a great story, great characters, and potentially great gameplay. It also involves complicated 3D physics and sophisticated AI to handle said physics, AI that we cannot get working right in the limited time we have to work on projects we're not currently being paid for. Unfortunately, The Delivery Man is now officially cancelled, though may be revived at a later date.

    Crate Puncher 2K13
    Oddly enough, still in production. Rather it is back in production. Obviously Crate Puncher 2K13 is a working title and a greatly outdated one. We've made a switch to use the Godot Engine and hopefully we can share with you some more details, soon. It's meant to primarily be a tech demo and programming exercise, but we plan on making it fun to play, too!

    Thundermonkey.com 2.0

    Venturer @ Mar 09, 2015 11:39 PM

    In an effort to make a few minor feature additions to the site, I realized that the entire back-end was utter rubbish. After weeks of work rewriting the entire site from basically scratch, I'm happy to announce that we've finally launched version 2.0 of the website. You likely won't notice too much difference right now on the main Thunder Monkey site, but Night Edition has had a significant front-end overhaul.

    If you find the site behaving horribly, please log the error in the Site Bugs forum. With the back-end in place, expect there to be a few feature improvements made over the next few weeks that we set out to make in the first place. I'll edit this post with a more complete change log as the new features are rolled out.

    X-Wing Reconstructed

    Venturer @ Dec 26, 2014 10:13 PM

    We're proud to announce that our very own Trio Synthonic Orchestra is auditioning to reorchestrate the music the the LucasArts classic flight sim, "X-Wing"! It's part of a larger community project to revise the updated 1998 version of the game to be truer to the original 1993 release, while improving what we can along the way. We hope the project goes well, and we hope we get selected. In the meantime, the Trio Synthonic Orchestra has released it's audition piece to the public, which can be found here.

    Night Edition: Broken in the Caribbean

    Venturer @ Oct 30, 2014 10:00 PM

    For those rare people who check this rather quiet page rather than the much more active Night Edition site, we have good news! One of the major projects stealing time from the delivery man has been completed! Night Edition has just released "Broken in the Caribbean" a remastered flash animation from 2005 about people being trapped on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney. Check it out here, and be sure to keep checking this page, as there may be more game information soon*.

    * Not a guarantee, but odds have improved dramatically.